Saturday, November 29, 2008


The color of ripe wheat....

Last weekend, we celebrated our one year anniversary in our home. When we purchased the paint, a year ago, I sincerely thought we would have the entire inside of the house painted by summer - at the latest. This would put us right in line to start on the front yard which we plan to make into an outdoor living space or rather usable back yard because, well, we really have no back yard and the house absorbs much of the noise shielding the front yard from the busy street.

Back to painting, so D opened up the paint can of ripe wheat and we both went - URGHHHH - This color on the entire room? It's a large room and such a dark color. It has really nice natural sunlight so we wanted to go with something a bit lighter. So we dusted off the paint cans and placed all of them in a line trying to figure out what we were thinking when we picked the colors and what colors go to which rooms. We only have 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms left to paint and 8 cans of paint. Hmmph. This is the problem when you don't write the room location on the paint can.

So..... we came across Belvedere cream- a nice, rich, cream color. D had just finished the ceiling (white) so I started on the first wall and then shrieked.... it was the EXACT freaking color as what was already there. Using some strong and inappropriate language I was quick to let D know this was a bad idea. He reminded me that it would dry darker and in about 15 minutes I had simmered down realizing that a fresh coat of paint is better than looking at old walls.

Ripe wheat will go in our bedroom with a burnt copper accent wall (I think it's actually called copper mountain), project slated to start in January. No more home improvements till then. YAHOOO.

The Office is still a complete and total disaster - I hate being in here, which is where our one and only working computer resides. I need to find some kind of really cool, hip window covering. I've spent hours leafing through the smith+noble catalogue wondering what to put on this window.

The color - Belvedere cream by Williams-Sonoma, our walls are a bit darker.

As we painted the living room yesterday, in all of it's Belvedere cream glory, we talked about how we both reminisced about our lofty goals regarding the status of our home projects. Then we talked about what we accomplished this last year and we were able to realize why we were just now getting around to painting that room. We also talked about our goals, both personal and professional, for next year - that to me is always exciting.

The prospect of hope and change for a new year - suddenly, I am so over this one and ready to move forward.


Emily (Apron Strings) said...

Whew! Happy to hear that Ripe Wheat and now Belvedere Cream (reminds me of Mr. Belvedere,for some reason ...) aren't any type of dark colors. Although, the bedroom sounds cool with copper trim.

Understandable how hard it would be to work on the office. All things considered ...

Just happy to hear that January will bring about new changes ... even if it just changing the color of your room.

HUGS again!!

Io said...

I love paint. It's such an easy way to change a room and make things feel new.
Heh - that cracks me up about painting a room the color it already was though.

Barb said...

You are not alone chica.... 2 yrs in our all white house and we finally painted ONE WALL. haha. Our plans evolve as we go too. It's a good thing I talked hub into only buying one can of paint b/c we're changing shades as we go. Here's to hoping for good results! Our walls are going to be close to the color of your blog background in the living room.

kate said...

Aww, dude. We've been in our house longer than that, and we are still working on that first project that was supposed to be finished before we moved in... over two years ago...

So, you're, like, ahead of us, which means that even if you aren't done on the schedule you wanted, you're still far better off than we are!

And I love your colors. I want a little bit more neutral in our house. I love my kitchen being bright, but I need one place in our house with taupe-y neutral. Maybe in the upstairs guest bedroom... hmm. And I love the idea of a copper wall. Sounds divine!