Saturday, January 17, 2009

Support Local Business

D and I have been on a mission to make a conscience effort to support our local business' lately, now more than ever. This statement comes from a someone who is watching her own parent's business struggle. Hmmm, that doesn't seem to really do the situation justice. The status of their business is comparable to a human being placed in hospice. The prognosis is not good and it will be something of a miracle if their business does not close. My parents are working hard to keep the business and their sanity in tact. I worry, not so much about my parents - they are both talented individuals and while there is a sense of sadness and loss at the possibility of them losing everything I know they can rebound. It is my brother, who I am worried about as he is the sole support for his family that includes my nephew and niece.
Tonight we went to dinner at one of our favorite locally owned restaurants. It's a long time Riverside favorite now run by the namesake's sons. One son in particular will join us at dinner and share a drink or appetizer with us, he is his father's son. My mom tells us stories of when his father would do the same. It is our restaurant we go to when we have a special occasion; in the past we have celebrated numerous birthday's, anniversaries and other events deserving recognition. The menu always includes unique and tasty special ranging from Ostrich, rabbit and other rare items. My personal favorite is the pasta with oxtail which I had tonight, Duane had the tortellini filled with veal and two other meats that currently escape my mind. It was, as always, memorable, delicious and relaxing all at once.

Going to a new hair stylist is like being on a blind date and I never liked blind dates. The last time I got my hair cut or rather trimmed was in August. The last salon I went to is very *cutting edge* meaning.... I had to remind them when they colored and cut my hair not to go to wild, I had an office job and while I love high fashion I was not working at a design house in NY or Paris that would welcome the latest trends in hair.

About a month ago I went to get my oil changed and walked over to an adjoining business, this salon/spa that I went to today. I had some time to kill so I walked in and asked for a price list, the owner was very welcoming and asked how I heard about her business. I explained that I was waiting for my oil to be changed when she invited me to sit on their porch, until my car was finished. So, a few days ago I made an appointment to get my hair cut. I nervously walked in to meet my scissor maker today. The stylist was sweet and down to earth, the salon had a "Cheers" ambiance and was just overall quite lovely. I left feeling a sense of community and an extra bounce in my step. God, I love a new haircut and a good stylist.
The whole hair thing is perplexing to me. I want to keep what little bit of hipness I have left. I know I am no longer in my 20's but seriously - I want to look like a hot mom. Which is funny that I am writing that exact phrase seeing that I am not a mom but clearly identify with wanting to look like and become one.

Ok, not a drug dealing hot mom but still a hot mom nonetheless.

This is my year, the year I become both hot(ter) and a mom.


I am recovering from the phlemy cough/congestion/cold from hell. The energy is slow going but gets better each day, the appetite is still MIA. Nothing really sounds good to eat ( with the exception of dinner this evening) so consequently my energy level has been low. I am so tired of coughing and blowing my nose. Speaking of tissue - I highly recommend the Puff's brand tissue WITH VICKS. Yes, vick's - it's quite possibly the best invention ever.

Monday is a holiday and I am excited about my three day work week approaching. I am grateful and thankful to have a job but still struggle with being a *retirement analyst* and going to school to be a teacher. Patience, patience, not my strong suit. So, I wait for Feb 2 to roll around to see if I miraculously passed the CSET.


Duck said...

The ducks support the local business whenever/where ever possible (which means not going to wal*art which we are just fine with).

Reggie Boppy said...

I do my best to support our local businesses too. Which are your local businesses too! :) Ditto what duck said, no wa.lma.rt!

Emily (Apron Strings) said...

Ugh. I've got to find me a new hairstylist. As if I don't already have major trust issues ... I've got some serious trust issues with my hair. Ha! This should be interesting ...

Emily said...

We try and support local businesses too - unfortunately there aren't too many left around us but we do try!

I so need to find a new hairdresser - I fell in love with this one guy but he left the salon and they won't tell me where he went. I'm devastated!

Fingers crossed for you on Feb 2!!!! xoxo

lassie said...

I think its great that you support local businesses. We try to do the same and almost exclusively eat at small eaterys in our urban neighborhood (when we don't cook.) Those big box stores are tempting, but I'm always proud of myself when I pass them by.

And new hair always makes me feel shiny. Enjoy your new lid!

kate said...

Congrats on finding a new stylist! I found someone I like, but I'm trying to be all conservative with my budget, so I haven't gone for a haircut in a while. And I know what you mean about wanting to look like a hot mom. A couple of years ago, I got a TERRIBLE haircut, and I was so upset, not because I looked like a mom, but because I looked like a high-waisted, pleated, taper-leg, pale-denim-jeans wearing mom. Just hopelessly out of style- it was awful. I spent three months plastering my way-too-short bangs back with bobby pins, which was hideous in itself, but far better than the poodle-butt style bangs my hair dresser decided I needed. I never went back to her again.

We try to support local businesses, but aside from local wineries (which we support, in spades), most businesses don't really cater to our more, um, metropolitan tastes. So, we avoid the awful Wal-Mart, but still choose Target for most of our home goods shopping, 'cos places around here just don't get it. I'm not into ducks and country kitsch. I don't like ten-years-ago Mod. That's just tacky.


And we have one or two local restaurants that don't suck, but most local restaurants might as well be chains, since all of their food comes straight off the Sysco truck. No thanks.

And I will be thinking of you in the next week and a half while you wait for your CSET scores. I just have a feeling. This time has to be the one!

Karen said...

What a great goal! J and I do this too, especially with restaurants. We tend to use our GPS to find local restaurants while we're traveling instead of just eating at Apple*bees or whatever. It seems like a small gesture, but if more of us did it we could really change our economy.