Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I heart Texas

Years ago, in a land far, far away a twenty-something girl named Kara told her parents she was going to travel Europe by herself. The parents laughed and said - yeah right, you're our only daughter, over our dead bodies etc... The parents and daughter negotioted for weeks until they finally agreed that she would go on a "Guided tour" to Europe with Contiki.

She boarded the big British Airways plane at LAX and didnt get nervous until she heard the captain announce that they were ready to "cross the pond". Only weeks before she rememberd being at the doctors office and reading an article in Newsweek about the plane that had mysteriously ended up in the Hudson. Nervously, she downed an entire 1/2 bottle of red wine and before she knew it the sun was rising over Scotland. She exited the plane finding people speaking her language yet she was not able to decipher or decode one solitary word. Welcome to Jolly old England.

Ok, enough of the third person, I feel like I am on facebook. Somewhere between England and Amsterdam I was introduced to this AMAZING couple from Orlando, Florida. I would keep in touch with them and eventually visit them. I consider the wife to be one of my truest friends though we have spent minimal time together. Always there when I need her and can never be thankful or greatful enough for her friendship. She was the first to introduce me to the infertility letter to family and friends. J is a great friend so why was I not surprised to recieve this from J + B today... guess which state they have recently relocated to? I found it to be cute and clever, just like J.

I know Kate will appreciate this, it's your home state with a whole new logo. Hope it makes you smile 1/2 as much as it made me smile.

I plan to put it on my desk at work tomorrow and/or possibly make a necklace out of it. Do you think that would be too much?


lassie said...

I think a necklace would be darling.
Traveling oversea by myself always made me feel like a grown up. Some of the best, and okay- scariest, times I've had. Glad you found such good friends! Amazing where we find those special people in life!

Dora said...

Love it! What a thoughtful and powerful gift for right now.

kate said...

I love it! Love, love, love it! It has been difficult for me to resist proudly flying my colors on the front of our house especially as we have a little metal flag-holder doodad next to our front porch. I keep threatening to secede and declare our little 1.5 acres New Texas or some such.

It makes me smile, and I totally need that right now!

Emily said...

Ahhhhhh so cute - would make great earrings too!

Barb said...

I found a friend like that in much the same way. She actually IS from across the pond. It's amazing huh?

Cara said...

Ha! That is awesome. It will give you both a good laugh and strength when you glance at it!

Emily (Apron Strings) said...

Go for the necklace. You could wear it like a dentist chair bib! LOL!

Friends like that are awesome!