Thursday, March 12, 2009

3500 bucks

For $3,500 you can choose one of the following:

A) Take a KICK ASS Euro vacay (Think Virgin Atlantic, upper class - flat bed pod and staying somewhere super she-she)

B) Plastic surgery- My choice would be a lift and reduction though after looking at link I am feeling much better about the current state of my rack.

C) Write a check (TO AN AMAZING ATTORNEY) in the above stated amount for what I like to call "the most expensive way to change your name- EVAH".

I chose door number 3 today and while it was a moment that I think should have a complimentary shot of tequila and yes did take my breath away - it was also a moment of redefining clarity in a sense that is indescribable.

Thank God tomorrow is Yoga day, my body needs a super huge heaping dose of some yoga love.

**** And because I do have a huge heart - I did think to list Philanthropy as an option however I think you have to give gazillions of dough, on a recurring basis, for it to be called Philanthropy and thus should just be spent on moi.


Wishing 4 One said...

I say go on vacation....Europe sounds good, theres always North Africa, lots of cheese and pyramids here...LOL! So you DO need to pay the attorney this money to finalize things or what? If so, take a shot (or two) and do it girl. Been thinking of you! xoxoxoxo

Soapchick said...

Well maybe next year you can take that exciting vacation and book it under your new (well old) name! Kara you are very strong and I know once this is all over you will be happy. Life is just beginning for you. Enjoy yoga!

Cara said...

You do have a huge heart. That is for sure...regardless of the letters in your last name.


Io said...

Take a few shots of tequila my friend - knowing that you are missing out on that pod on an airplane makes *me* need to drink.
But fuck yeah for getting your name back.

kate said...

Fuck ME... lawyers are EXPENSIVE... Maybe I should reconsider law school.

My Euro vacay is coming soon, though it will be more like "coach class, staying at the in-law's house, hoping for enough extra money for a weekend or two to train it over to Berlin". Not that I'm completely complaining. It will be fun, but all the same- I so wish I could spend a few thousand and make this the trip it should be, you know?

And yes. I finally understand why women would choose plastic surgery. I could so go for a little lipo on the tummy...