Thursday, March 5, 2009

He may have the house.... I got to keep my sense of humor

or maybe I should label this post...venting, whining and bitching?

There is so much to write about and I don't know where to begin. My thoughts are definitely not organized so I am warning you that this post will be pretty sporadic and all over the map.

I am still searching for a new blog name so I will continue to post here until I can get it together to find *the perfect name*.
Dating... it's bizarre now a days - just plain freaking weird. It's like Drew Barrymore states in the commercial for "He's just not that into you" -because we have advanced in technology, you can now be rejected by 5 different pieces of technology... or something close to that. I have to say that the Internet does create an efficient way to meet people.

The ex factor... I have come to the realization that over the course of our marriage I strived for, struggled and worked my ass of so that we could live a better life, have better insurance coverage, be able to take nice vacations, own a home. Well, if I didn't have to shell out an additional $500 bucks (a month) to keep the ex on my insurance at the County I would be able to take a nice vacation right now. OK, something to look forward to in 6 months - once things are finalized.

I also find it HILARIOUS (ok, being just a little sarcastic) that the ex used to pride and brag about himself being the one who in the relationship that was financially savvy while the home we purchased only had one person qualify for the loan -me, his work truck is in my name and I am paying for the lawyer.

The weather...I know a few of you out there are buried under inches or feet of snow so I will try not to complain too much but when you are used to living on the surface of the sun, it is difficult to still put on a heavy winter coat in March. I know I'll soon be complaining about the heat and how we are breaking 100 degrees but I need it to be just a bit warmer.

Yoga...The very frayed thread I have been hanging by has been strengthened and is renewed each time I practice yoga. It seems to be the only place where my mind is not processing 890 gazillion things and I can find some peace/tranquility and self soothe.
This is my new favorite pose... I don't stick out my tongue though like this chick and my ass is about 10 times the size. It is such a good stretch - Dhanurasana (Bow Pose). Like anything in life, I was not able to do this pose on the first try and I cannot lift nearly as high but if you give yoga a shot, commit to at least a several classes. Yoga is one of those things that adds beneficial aspects to the different layers of our life.


Soapchick said...

Glad to hear from you. Keep doing yoga, it will help you tremendously. I hope things get resolved quickly.

lassie said...

I love downward dog- when I can get fully into the pose, the stretch really invigorates me.
In the past, I played with essential oils in my home and on my skin to bring back the peace of yoga when I wasn not able to actually do yoga. It helped with centering and they say the olfactory sense is one of the best memory triggers- so you could choose a scent with a happy memory.

Cheers to you being the financially strong one!

annacyclopedia said...

It's beautiful that you are seeing a change in your body and in your heart through yoga. I love that feeling!

Alex said...

If everythings in your name, can't you just take him off of it all?

I mean...that might seem mean, but so does dropping a bomb like divorce!!

webkinzfan said...

I'd like to follow your new blog when you start it. I want to keep it touch with you. You sound like your starting to feel a little better.

Dating really scares me. I am single- never married- and although I have always dreamed of marrrage and motherhood, I'm not sure I can force myself to risk going through what you have been going through recently!!

kate said...

Dude, when I come down there in November, we are SO having a yoga lesson. I SUCK at yoga! Yeah, I totally read your part of the post where you said something about having to commit to several classes, but instead of being positive, I'm just going to keep my head in the negative hole and say that I SUCK.

But I'm teachable, I think. So maybe I'll give it another try.

And yay! We are out from under our inches of snow and on to the 70 degree weather. Whoopie!!! I know- I, too, HATE putting on a coat in March. I really do.

And he can keep the stupid house. I'll take your sense of humor over material goods any day.

Dating... man, I was never any good at dating. I was really good at being slutty and occasionally having a partner that stuck around for more than one date (yes. envy me, ladies. I'm not lying when I said that my husband is the best one night stand I ever had. I'm still shocked that he stuck...). I am not sad that you are out of your marriage, and I am not sad for the opportunity for new beginnings, but I have become such a hermit that I am sad for you having to go through the dating process again. But, if anyone can make it fun and exciting and interesting and not a total pain in the ass, it's you.

Parenthood For Me said...

I love the line from that movie. Haven't seen the movie yet. I am one of those who will still have 2 months of haphazard snowstorms as spring tried to push its way through. But at this point in the season I boycott my winter coat, have it dry cleaned, and wear a spring type coat. Enough of the wool, hats and gloves

Io said...

Well, I expect to live vicariously through your dating! Even if part of it is the crappy trying to figure out if he is that into you part.
I can only assume that this exciting vacation you will be able to pay for in the few months will be to sunny Indiana! No? Oh. Well, maybe if Al has a real job by then I will invite myself along on your vacation to whatever fantastic place you go to drink fruity things with umbrellas.

Wishing 4 One said...

Hey so good to hear from you! I swear I thought of you last night and said I need to check in on her. Um, why can't you take him off your insurance? Or take the truck out of your name? If its just cause "oh he wouldn't have any, ..." blah blah blah or some nice sh&t like that, come on girl! So good to see you seem to be moving right along my friend, xoxoxoxoxo

Cara said...

Ahhh- yoga - soothes almost every nerve and pain.

I haven't tried that pose...but I will now.

Glad you have your sense of humor. ((hugs))