Tuesday, February 12, 2008


No news here, in fact I called the agency at 3:00, 4:00 and then at 10 minutes till 5:00 and finally on the last call I asked if either of our contacts were in and the receptionist stated that they were both out so I chose to ask for the manager. At this point, I was stewing in my madness and tried to sound as calm, cool and collected though I really wanted to scream into the phone. I left a polite message for the manager who was apparently screening her calls because she called me back, seconds later. When she called back she stated that they had not heard if the Board made a decision and she did not know whether or not they met today.

Thanks for the help - URGHHHHHHH

Let's hold a flicker of hope for tomorrow.


Jules said...

Absolutely ridiculous. Is it so hard to contact the expectant parents to let them know there is no news? Ever hear of this little thing called compassion?

katd said...

That is really ridiculous. Still hoping here, though!

kate said...

Aww. That is just downright cruel to not even tell you whether they met or not. Not fair!