Monday, February 11, 2008


Thank you Mr. Lincoln for having a birthday!

No work tomorrow, explains why I'm blogging at this hour while watching re-runs of Anthony Bourdain- No Reservations (I have such a crush on him, shhh don't tell my husband).

Tomorrow, the Board is supposed to meet and we will hopefully get our answer. Please keep fingers, toes and eyes crossed.


katd said...

Everything is crossed!! :) And I totally get the crush on Anthony Bourdain. :)

kate said...

All is crossed for you!

And I think my husband has some sort of man-crush on Anthony Bourdain. He has a couple of his books and he LOVES watching his programs.

Ally said...

Kara, everything I own is crossed. I have the highest of hopes for you, kiddo! As far as Anthony Bourdain is concerned, he's a total guilty pleasure for me. I hate to admit it, but I can't help but be riveted by him on TV. It's embarrassing.