Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Anniversary to us!

March 10, 2001

10 days ago we celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. Because our anniversary was on a Monday and I have school that night, we went out the day before and had a fantastic dinner at a new restaurant - Blackwood Grill. This is a great new restaurant that made us feel like we were dining at a very hip eatery or perhaps at The Parker in Palm Springs. It was worth every dime and though our meal was quite lavish and rich tasting we left feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.
Back to the big day. It was an amazing wedding, really quite beautiful and captured in photos by the very talented friend Cean. He was able to capture some very beautiful moments that we will treasure forever. We were married at this Catholic Church located across the street from where I attended school from Kindergarten through 12th Grade. The ceremony was beautiful and really special, as a present from one of our good friends, he had his wife who is a professional opera singer perform the Ava Maria - I get goosebumps when I remember that poignant moment in our ceremony.

Here are a few of our favorites....

This was actually a very frightening moment as the veil caught wind and I thought for sure that every strand of my hair was going to detach and fly away with my veil. Instead, Cean calmly told me that this was my Kodak moment and to go with the flow.

The amazing women who have been key players, at one time or another in my life.

Me with my mom and dad. This photo represents such a happy and beautiful moment. Our wedding was really the wedding they never had and sadly, they separated a month later and then divorced.
Time to start planning the 10th wedding anniversary,
we are thinking of going to Paris.
Any ideas?


Io said...

Happy (belated) anniversary! I love that first picture. You look so happy and it's just so sweet.

Amanda said...

Happy Anniversary - our 7th was in December :-)

Emily said...

Happy Anniversary!! Your pics are beautiful.

As for a 10th anniversary ... I say have a party, get more $$$, and save it for that family you've always wanted. Hah ... I'm so bad.

A trip to Paris sounds wonderful ...

Ally said...

Happy anniversary! :) Loved the pictures-you looked so happy and so very pretty. Congratulations on year 7.

As for a trip to Paris, I say YES YES YES! I am completely biased, however, and am not afraid to show it. I adore Paris and I have such a tender place in my heart for that city. Each time I go, it makes me want to go back and I find more about the city to love.

ChelleBez said...

Happy belated anniversary! Sorry its been so long since I've checked back on your blog. I really need to add it to my blog roll so I remember. It doesn't help that we moved last week either.

I really enjoyed looking at your wedding pictures. Funny enough, I was putting together a slide show for our anniversary this year tonight. lol

As for Paris, go for it. Europe is amazing, and its money well spent on fabulous memories.

Have a happy easter and a wonderful weekend!

Barb said...