Sunday, March 23, 2008

This weekend....

It isn't a holiday without someone saying.... "You know as soon as you receive a placement, you'll get PREGNANT." Great, thank you because we didn't hear this phrase enough while we were TTC. Though at that time it was a different song, "Oh, you know once you get your degree...", "Oh, you know once you buy your home...", "Oh you know once you go off infertility meds...". The last one was my most favorite and usually ended up with me trying to enlighten the poor schmuck by giving a detailed account of how the medicines I took were not purchased through the mail or across the border. I did this explanation while trying to avoid being a sarcastic bitch and wanting to really say WOW, that would be quite the freakin miracle of all miracles since we just spent a small fortune on these IF drugs that have been produced in a scientific facility that have done thorough research and have percentages of risk and success factored into the product. You're right, I'm sure chlomid is right up there with snake oil.

Needless to say, this comment still sounds like nails across a chalkboard to me but I know this response is a knee jerk reaction and their way of saying "I'm sorry you can't get pregnant but if you do, wouldn't it be just gosh darn swell?" Sometimes I wonder... are they asking me this to see what I will say? My responses are usually polite though sometimes my dark sense of humor wants to come out and say something totally wicked evil like, Oh, I hope not, the doctor said if I were to get pregnant, I would probably die during the delivery ( OK, a bit macabre - but kind of funny), or Oh, we would give it up for adoption because we can really only afford one child or (and this is my favorite) - Well, after having sex on a scheduled time frame for the last few years, we've been driven to the brink of celibacy and have decided to become a celibate married couple. The last one might just make them turn and walk or run away. Truth be told, most of my responses that immediately come to mind are rude, cynical inappropriate and uncalled for but really tempting.

Bottom line, I know in the situation that happened today and sparked this post, the comment from my Godmother who loves me endlessly, would give me the moon and stars and all the babies my house could hold. Most of the time the comment does come from people who care for us very much and in those situations my standard non- snarky response is "Well, if that happens, it would be the icing on our big, fat infertility cake."
My mom's birthday went really well, we ended up finding some NY Steaks and Alaskan King Crab legs- both on sale so we did a little surf & turf. As if that wasn't decadent enough our side dishes included two different kinds of twice baked potatoes, roasted asparagus, caprese salad and Three cheese bread from La Brea Bakery. Here are pictures and captions....

I couldn't take pix of it all but here are the potatoes

I start with baked potatoes, sliced in half.

Next, scoop potato out of the jacket and put into bowl. Add ingredients starting with 2 tablespoons of Dean and Deluca stout ale mustard, 3 tablespoons of butter, green onions, sharp cheddar and some sour cream.

I decided one type wasn't enough for my fabulous mamacita. This kind was mixed with butter, Parmesan cheese, spinach and herb seasoning, roasted garlic sea salt and pepper.

This is what they look like, all assembled.

There was a bit of a desert debacle....

If I didn't have 9 million things going on I swear I would have made a desert by hand but this boxed product looked promising and I had some plans to top this bad boy with french vanilla coop whip and caramel sauce. Good in theory.

After the required baking time, I took the final product out of the oven to taste the middle and make sure it was cooked through. THIS HAPPENED. Hello huge hole? WTF???

I grew suspect, even though this desert was nearly hollow in the middle, could this desert possibly be undercooked? So, I decided to taste a corner. This is picure is only showing the first bite there were two more bites on this one particular corner, after this photo was taken.

Shortly after the last bite, the doorbell rang and it was my mom so I quickly grabbed the oven mitt and hid the corner. This was a grand idea until someone went to move it to the other counter and I was BUSTED. I sliced it up and realized I had forgotten to defrost the cool whip so I added vanilla bean ice cream and drizzled it with caramel sauce.
It was just ok, I won't be doing this again.

One of the best moments of the evening that made it all worthwhile, spending time with this little girl - my niece Ella. We were all pretty tired but Ella took the prize for being most exhausted, she grabbed her blankie, took her shoes off and layed down right in the middle of the floor on the rug, closed her eyes and decided she was done.
We all sat around her, in complete envy.


Barb said...

Food = WOW and MMMMMM.

I always say, "We're not adopting to try to become pregnant. If we end up with 2 children, that's cool, but we're adopting to become parents to an adopted child." I have to say that because I simply can't stand the remarks anymore even though they are well meaning. I also say that pregnancy may or may not happen for us, and we have to accept that reality. And in saying that, I mean that THEY have to accept it as well.

Io said...

Mmm. I would eat the partially eaten holey dessert.

katd said...

Those comments are very tough to respond to. I've been asked if we're still trying even though we have Lily - like that's okay dinner conversation:) People just don't understand.

And hey, wanna come over and cook some dinner for me tonight? I have cash on hand:)

ChelleBez said...

I totally hear you about the snide comments. The thing is, people don't think about things before they say them. They are canned responses not meant to be full of thought at all. Its their way of saying they don't know what else to say to you. I'm tired of the one, "Once you go on vacation, you'll get pregnant. You just need to relax." My response on a good day was always, "Do you really think I'm THAT uptight?" We also started making up stories for when people asked why we didn't have any kids, "The state keeps taking them away. I guess they don't like it when you crate train your kids." I decided before we even started treatments that I would take those comments with a grain of salt and let them roll of my back. I always like to tell people why I can't get pregnant too. It usually stops them from making any other canned comments. :D