Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ok, This is it.

I really liked the sunflower background - I mean I REALLY liked it. Sunflowers are just happy flowers, to me and it also reminded me of my beautiful, sweet cousin Brenna that is getting married this August and has the sunflower theme on her "Save the Date" card.

Ultimately, I decided to change the background because when I posted pictures they looked very sheer and you could see the background through the picture. I know a little detail but it was really bugging the crap out of me so it's 86'd.

Ok - Enough screwing around with the blog.

I will have a book review posted sometime this week. I picked up "Secret Thoughts of an Adoptive Mother" and plan on finishing it tonight (after homework and the latest episode of AB's No Reservations - the episode on in the background right now shows his return to Les Halles to work a double shift and yes, I'm counting down the minutes till I get the Last supper book).

We got a nice surprise today in the mail - our itinarary and plane tix to Cancun! Time to brush up on my espagnol and question myself, for the millionith time, why I took 3 years of French in High school instead of Spanish. This could be a whole other post.

Ok - Time for homework :-(


kate said...

Yeah, I got the "order shipped" notice yesterday, so it should be delivered not too long from now.

I liked your sunflowers also, but you're right with the sheer picture thingy. It wasn't a huge deal, but I notice details like that on my blog as well.

And SOSOSO jealous! Cancun... ah, I LOVE the Yucatan area of Mexico. And stupid, but after years of avoiding Spanish (and as a Texan to a Californian, you can probably agree about it's enormous utility in our areas), and taking Japanese in HS and college, I find myself having to start over and take three semesters of a language ('cos it has to be three semesters of the SAME language, and the third semester of japanese, that I really don't need to take 'cos I took 4 advanced years in HS, is only offered in the smack middle of the day at a university across town, so I have to start over) and spanish is the only option! GRRRR! At least it will be somewhat useful, I suppose.

Io said...

Cancun sounds fantastic right now. Aw sunflowers. Too bad. I liked them. Maybe there is a way to adjust the opacity?

Tika's Blog said...

Hey there...Mrs. Cancun!! I'm really excited for you because after taking all these classes, you'll need to get out of town...country for a while. Talk to you later...Amiga :)

Ally said...

Cancun sounds like so much fun right now! (Especially seeing as we're supposed to get some more snow here today. Yikes!)

As far as speaking Spanish is concerned, it's never too late! There's actually some good overlap between French and Spanish that you would probably find helpful. And, once you learn one language, it's easier to learn other languages!

Barb said...

WOO HOO on the book and Cancun! :D

I took 3.5 yrs of French. Benefitted me in Montreal.. not so much living in Florida.

Loved the flowers too, but this is easier to read.

katd said...

I am so in love with the Yucatan area! Tell us more about your trip - where are you staying, etc. I need to live vicariously:)

Also, is "secret thoughts of an Adoptive Mother" good? I need to pick up a book or two on adoption. It's so easy now with Lily being a baby, but I want to read now before she's old enough to ask questions.

ChelleBez said...

Yay for Cancun! Lucky woman. You'll have to take lots of pictures to post when you get back. :)

I took spanish in college and tried to drop the class 2 weeks too late. I learned an important lesson, never take a language class with a friend who has already taken years of it and knows the language.