Monday, April 7, 2008

New blog

In an effort to get my life back on a healthy track and conquer one of my life long goals ( a marathon and why, yes-I' am crazy, thank you for asking) I've decided to start another blog. It just seems easier than getting on the treadmill or getting out of my nice, warm ,cozy coccon of a bed in the dark hours of the morning.

Ok - It's in print, staring at me in black and white.

Now I have to do it and eventually I will have to start that machine in our living room- I think it's called the treadmill? Eventually, I will have to exersize because you can't really have a blog about exersizing and stay immobile, or can you?

And now for the really hard part, what to name this new blog? I have some pretty lame options

Let's get physical ( I loved ONJ, back in the day - I had the whole Xanadu record memorized)

Run. Kara. Run ( Too Forrest Gump)

See Kara Run ( Dick and Jane?)

Runs like a girl (it's true)


Any Ideas???

help -


Tika's Blog said...

I love...Let's Get Physical....that was an awsome song back in the day and you can listen to it as you exercise :) You can name it something like...The Biggest Lose....I can't think of any other names right now but if something pops up, I'll let you know,

Jules said...

Hah! Let's get physical is hilarious. :) I'll keep brainstorming!

katd said...

I love Let's Get Physical! And you MUST post pictures of yourself in legwarmers and sweat bands:) ONJ was my fave:) I can't wait to read your new blog; I'm in that mode myself right now. Trying to go to the gym and eat better; I look forward to keeping up:)

kate said...

Hee. I love Runs Like A Girl.

How about Kara-kinesis?
Or A Case Of The Runs (eeeew)?

And yes, you are out of your everlovin' mind to want to run a marathon, but I have to admit that there's a big part of me that gets it. If my lungs would ever co-operate, I would LOVE to run a marathon. Alas, I think I've spent too much of my life too fat and too drunk and smoking too much to find myself able to run that far all at once. As it stands, I enjoy running, but I can only go for so long before I have to just stop, you know?

Damn, that's some dedication, girl! I look forward to reading your new blog. Maybe it will inspire me to get back into running again. I have one of those things with the big, wide, flat belt on them at my house, too. I have been using it pretty regularly for walking, but it needs to be used again soon for running.