Monday, May 19, 2008

Two months from today

I will be taking the CSET again, two months from today - FOR SURE. I'm not being "down" on myself, more like thinking realistically. In a nutshell, the test was difficult, I did not study properly for the subject matter presented and due to my lack of preparing I'm certain that I did not pass. I plan to enroll in a CSET study course and establish a more strict study schedule as I need to pass in order to get a teaching job here in California.

Speaking of potential teaching jobs, I received my first "Thanks but no Thanks letter" from a local school. It was a good reality check as I regularly put the proverbial cart before the horse - Hey, I'm not a proponent for change so when I'm ready to change something I take action quickly and swiftly. I have come to the determination that this career change will take some time and I need to be patient. I hate that word and there are not many things/people/words that I hate but I especially despise that word. I imagine my disdain stems from the fact that I heard the word patient way too many times in the IF world.... Just be patient, the doctor is seeing another patient, etc.

On other news, I appear to be paying off some karmic technology debt because I spent time speaking with the lovely people at Dell and AT & T this weekend and would have rather spent time jabbing dull pencils into my eyes, both times. I'm still without Internet and will be updating from work in the meantime so my usuage will be minimal, at best.

I did some observing on Friday at a one of our local High Schools and found the teacher to be completely unprofessional, for example - she brought her son to her classroom, then had an aide take her son to his elementary school and had the nerve to ask the aide to stop somewhere and pick up a diet coke and stated "Oh - by the way, can you give my son a few bucks for lunch because I forgot to pack one and there is no money on his account." Now, I don't profess to me an expert about the teaching profession but I do know that there is a level of professionalism to withhold and she fell way below the bar.

In other news, we had a wonderful family dinner on Saturday evening celebrating my brother's 30th birthday and I was reminded again of how lucky I am to have such an amazing, loving family. Sunday was spent at our first Angels game were we beat the Dodgers - TO A PULP. Ironically, I'm not a huge sports fan, in high school I loathed "the jocks" and ended up married to a sports fanatic. Our first date was at an Angels game and Duane planned to propose at one of the games but was declined by the administration because the last proposal they put on camera was unsuccessful - OUCH..... Anyway, it is a place that brings back alot of great memories and where we look forward to making new ones.

I hope everyone had a good weekend and this week brings only good things.


kate said...

Eesh. Sorry that you think you did poorly on your test. Good for you for dusting yourself off and doing what you need to do to pass. I won't insult your self-knowledge by telling you that I think you did well on the test. I don't know. I wasn't there, obviously. But, I will say that I hope you did better than you think you did, but that if you didn't then I applaud your study course plan.

I hate the "patient" word as well. I mean, I just want to get things done when I want to get them done, you know?

Sorry about your time on the phone with the tech crap. I know several people who work in tech support at Dell who are nice people, but unless you pay for Platinum level of support, you wouldn't talk to any of them(Whoops! That's right! Most of them have been laid off in preference for cheap Indian labor!). Yeah. There's a reason why those of us that worked there called it "D-E-double-hockey-sticks"...

And yeah, that teacher was SUPER unprofessional. That's just insane that she would get away with that.

I was never a sports fan either, until I saw our local amateur hockey team play back in Austin. Man that was FUN! I miss it!

Emily said...

Wow that teacher sounds beyond unprofessional and in the realms of "taking the piss" or "overly self important".

Sorry to hear that you don't think the test went well - that sucks. But if you didn't it sounds like you have rebounded quickly and with a plan as well! Fab!

Hope you have a great week!

Chelle said...

I hope you did better on your test than you think you did. You just might surprise yourself. Sorry to hear about the first rejection letter. I am sure that was crushing to a degree. I also have to agree that teacher falls far below the bar of professional. I would be a little gobsmacked to see that kind of behavior ANYWHERE, but to see it from a teacher is just ridiculous.

I hope your week improves with each day and that things go your way.

Emily said...

Yikes. Sorry to hear that test day wasn't so great. I know the time I took my NCLEX for my RN license, I totally thought I failed ... but was very surprised when I got the "good" envelope in the mail. Here's to hoping you get good mail instead!!

As for that one HS teacher ... all I can keep thinking is "How RUDE!" (as in the little girl Stephanie, on the tv show "Full House."

Barb said...

That teacher!!! ACK! That's horrible!

I'm glad you had a lovely dinner and hope that you DO pass your test even though you think you didn't. Wouldn't that be a nice surprise?