Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm in pain.....

Can I whine? I guess so, it is my blog after all...


The only position that I'm comfortable in is child's pose, which is really hard to do in my cubicle. I know it's California and all, where we are all uber health conscious, nut and berry eating, yoga loving, peace-filled, hippie liking people, however, yoga positions are not tolerated in the workplace- yet. Personally, I think yoga should be a requirement to start our day, as soon as we get to work. It would make us all feel good, work better and would drastically reduce worker's compensation claims.

I have this Friday off (I work a 9/80 schedule) and have already decided that I'm dropping the girls off at daycare - because I need work on getting resumes out the door so I can fulfill my dream of becoming a teacher. I plan to go to my 9:00 AM Yoga class that I have not participated in for months now, click here to read more about my yoga place - Inland Yoga. I know I will leave feeling refreshed, chakras aligned and all will be right with the world.

Right? Right!

One other item, my Teaching & Cultural Diversity class is amazing, fun and just all around the best class I have had so far and the teacher is just too cool for school. Seriously -loving the teacher, good vibe in class with students - it really can't get better. What bites is the other class I'm in is the complete opposite. First, the teacher is the murderer of fun and is teaching us by reading out of the textbook - BORING, Ok - whatever dude, you are the teacher but would it kill you to let us know when you are jumping from Ch 3 to Ch 11 so we aren't spinning our wheels looking for the topic of discussion or the table you are dissecting? Also, the monotone voice in which you speak, not helping to keep us awake and I really cannot keep spending bundles of $$$ at Starbucks on latte's to keep me awake. It's Psychology for Christ-sake's, quite the interesting topic. Make it fun or at least, make it interesting.

YAY - No school tonight.


Ally said...

Oh yoga, how I love you! I don't really do yoga during the summer, but I try and take a class during the school year because I find it so helpful for relaxation. I also highly adore my chiropractor when my back gives me trouble.

As for school-sigh. There's always *one* horrible prof, isn't there? I never understood how professors in an education program could LECTURE for hours on best practices. Um...if you really understood best practice, you would know you shouldn't be lecturing. Idiots.

Enjoy your school-free evening, Kara!

Wishing 4 One said...

Hey Kara you now I NEVER taken a yoga class, I know I know but have always wanted to. Next time I am in CA I will look up Inland and tell em you sent me. Have a great school free evening.

Io said...

A murderer of fun :) -That sucks, but I like the phrase!
I hope your back feels better and your pych prof stops the violence.

kate said...

Heh. I can't stop looking at your weiner-zucchini, just below the bottom of this post. It just cracks me up!

Heh, ANYWAY...
School sucks ass. I am VERY nervous to meet the dude who will be teaching the second session of Spanish this summer. His online pic is SO serious looking. He is ethnically Chinese, but grew up in Argentina, so according to one student, both his english and his spanish have a thick accent that is hard to understand. So that should be fun, esp. after the first semester with the dude that we've had who has been extremely easy and lenient (a little rude at times, but he grades really easy).

So, I feel your pain. BUT, I'm trying to focus on the fact that after I turn in my take-home final this evening, I will have no more classes for a WHOLE WEEK! Yay!!!

I'm sorry that your back is hurting. There's just something so all-encompassing about back pain. I say screw the job and sit around in child pose all day if that's what makes you feel better! I mean, a pain-free employee is so much more productive than one that's cringing every 10 seconds because their back is spasming, right?

Ah, well. Enjoy your Friday off. I've had the kind of week that has made me consider quitting now just to get the extra day off.