Sunday, June 15, 2008


The dark cloud has moved, I'm not good at being down or depressed - especially about Infertility/parenthood/adoption. Don't get me wrong, I'm not over it- I' m just done beating myself up about it (for the moment).

The major mood enhancer was seeing the VMB blog. A group of KICK-ASS IF - chick-a dees all going through the same shit that I'm going through! Sisterhood - EFFING ROCKS!!!! If I hadn't spent 6o bucks on my very expensive Wacoal bra I would be burning it right now.

This is my kind of club - because while Infertility took away my chances of concieving naturally it didn't take my sense of belonging, my dignity or my humor. DAMMIT!

And now for my initiation checklist- this is sooo exciting, love it!!

Figure out a gang name for yourself. Mrs. Bitter Be-otch

Take a pic of yourself (or just your hands) flashing the gang sign - middle fingers up, hands crossed at the wrists into a V and post it on your blog. See Below.

Put the Vet button on somewhere on their blog (either in a single post or in the sidebar).Done.

Tell a story about the crappiest thing a Fertile ever said to you or something else vent-worthy. Too many to list but I will come up with one good one.

Add your name and the permalink to your Initiation Post to the comments of this post. Done .

Visit at least 5 other VMB's and give 'em a shout out by commenting on their blog and linking to them on yours. Will do.

Come back here and comment on this post with your gang name and a permalink to your initiation post on your blog. Done.