Thursday, July 24, 2008

Full plate of tired, with a side of guilt - Coming up!

As I sit at the computer, my head is literally bobbing right now. I. AM. TIRED. No, not tired - exhausted.

Between the hours of 2:00 AM and 6:00 AM, little girl ran - yes, ran into our room SCREAMING - HOLY GOD HELP US -BLOODY MURDER - a total of 4 times. Imagining it is almost funny, living it was painful. Maybe I'm just slap -happy and delirious. I tended to her the first 2 times and the third time told D that he had two options - Deal with her NOW or deal with a very cranky wife in the morning. He opted for door number 1 and decided that he would go from observer to participant for the rest of the game. When the alarm sounded this morning, our groans were more audible resonating the pain of an animal that had been hunted with bow and arrow, slowly dying.

When I woke up little girl and received her trademark -Goo Mor-ging Shun-shy - it immediately erased the events of the night before and then I reminded myself that one short week from today is the court date where her and big girl will be reunited and that I need to suck it up, because this temporary mom gig might not be a bed of roses but it is certainly feeding my soul.

Big girl has broken down emotionally, nearly every day this week and we had an"interesting" meeting with a social worker from our county yesterday. I'll post more, later.

I may be tired but I'm still feeling grateful.


katd said...

What a rough night. And what a terrible way to wake up time and time again. You guys are surely in prayers right now; can't wait to hear about your "interesting" meeting! :) Hope you can maybe sneak a nap today!

Ally said...

Whew-I can see why you're exhausted! I certainly hope you can grab a quick nap today or that the caffeine gods smile on you benevolently.

kate said...

Oh, damn. What a rough night. I'm sorry you had to experience that (but good on D for finally figuring out that it was a good idea to pitch the f*ck in already...).

Urg. Courage on you for the upcoming week. I'm happy-sad for you, knowing that their time with you is coming to a close, but that it opens you up for new experiences.

Can't wait to hear about your "interesting" social worker meeting story...

Oh, and BTW, I had some of the chili-lime cashews with lunch today, and MAN-OH-MAN! Woohoo, are they good!