Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Stirred and very shaken

As a native Californian, who has experienced several earthquakes, I don't know if I will ever get used to experiencing a jolt or rolling motion - especially while I continue to work in a 14 story building. My office is located on the first floor, our 5.4 (according to NPR it was just downgraded from 5.8) quake offered a shaking motion rattled us from 8 miles from the earth's surface and the epicenter was approximately 20 miles away.
As soon as the shaking stopped, I exited the building and dialed the cell like a mad woman. I couldn't get through to Duane so I drove straight over to my sister-in-law's to check on the girls. My niece and lg were napping while Cole and BG were obviously shaken and speaking a mile a minute.
To the rest of the world we must look like morons - for example, MSN decided to show this picture of downtown Los Angeles shortly after this morning's jolt.

No, we all don't meander around looking dazed and confused, wandering outside of building waiting for shards of glass and spear-like metal objects to hurt us. We run around on the inside screaming hysterically - just kidding, that is only what I do. If an earthquake happens at home, I'm generally pretty calm. No, not the picture of peace and tranquility but calm nevertheless. At work, things are different. Pressure to remain calm, monitor how co-workers are acting and can I make it to the parking lot, as fast as one can walk with shaky knees while trying not to pee her pants. It's all rather tiring.

What is scarier than hell is to awake out of a peaceful slumber to one of these bad boys. Not fun. Not fun at all. There is a kindness that comes out of the general public on days like these. I walked into Subway and the staff was asking every customer "Where were they, when it hit"? It's nice that our community can come together when there is an event that affects all of us.

Emily - They felt it all the way to San Diego, you left just in time.


I forgot to mention that Duane saved a German Shepard, who was panicking, from jumping off of a balcony while he was working on a clients home. My hero.


Ally said...

Kara, I'm sorry you had such a scary day today. Being from However, I've experienced a few in different spots around the country and I can't imagine having to "get used" to that feeling on a semi-regular basis. I'm glad you and your loved ones are all okay!

Amanda said...

I am so glad you're OK!!! And I'm so glad Duane was there to help the puppy :-)

kate said...

shit, I'm such a moron that I didn't even know this happened! All the same, I'm so glad you're okay. And your husband is a total rock star. Good for him.

Emily said...

Eeeeek - craziness. Have only felt one light one and thats enough for me thank you. So glad you are ok (and your husband is a life-saver - literally!)

Emily (Apron Strings) said...

OMG! I can't believe I missed the quake!

I'm so glad that you and Duane and the kids are safe. And what a hero Duane is!

Io said...

Eek! Earthquakes scare the heck out of me. We had one down south earlier this year and felt it here while we were still in bed and it was SO WEIRD. I can do tornadoes - but the earth moving? Uhn-uh.
Duane's a hero!

I'm so glad you and Emily connected like that - I jus read her blog and it made me feel all squishy inside.

And the Cardinal Zin? Fantastic.