Monday, August 18, 2008


YAY for me.

I'm officially DONE with the girls notebooks. I just didn't have it in me to complete these detailed accounts of their lives with us, last week. Dredging up the memories and day to day activities is quite the draining and depressing thing all compounded by finding more receipts - for super cute girl clothes. Urghhhh.

Another reason the sad times are leaving is because - YAY - it's my birthday week. Yes, I will celebrate my last week of being 35 years old - all week long - I usually celebrate my birthday all month long but I wasn't feeling it in the beginning of the month with the reunification happening on July 31st. So I will be celebrating - somehow, not with food because I just started the South Beach Diet and will be in the detox mode for two weeks. The good news is that I can re-introduce my faves while we are on vacation in San Francisco.

On the schedule for this week is working three days and then heading to San Diego for a conference on Autism. I'm really looking forward to some "me" time and excited about the little get-away. Saturday will find Duane and I heading to L.A. to go watch Wicked at the Pantages theater and really nothing etched in stone for the actual b-day on Sunday except for dinner with my mom. It will be nice and quiet.


Anonymous said...

Hi K, it's Steve. If you aren't terribly busy in San Diego, maybe we can meet up for dinner or something. It would be great to see you. You can get my email adress from your BFF!

Ashley said...

Yay for me time! And no better place for it than in San Diego, although I guess I'm a bit biased in that regards :)

Ahhh, and Wicked; I absolutely ADORE that musical!! Roni, my mom and I saw it in London and it is, by far, my absolute favorite play. If you haven't already seen it, I know you'll love it too! You'll definitely want to see it again and again .. like me, hehe.

Barb said...


Wicked is awesome. You're going to love it!

Ally said...

Intergalactic Week of Kara has begun! Yay! :) I hope your birthday week is fabulous and that you wring lots and lots of excellent fun out of it! (I just saw Wicked here in MI and loved it, by the way!)

I'm excited that you have fun things planned to celebrate your birthday-I'll send happy wishes your way!

Kara said...

Steve -Hey there, would love to see you and Nona - not sure if this will be the visit. We are back in SD in late September, maybe then. I'll get you email address from J.

Ash - it was great seeing you and Roni + your mamacita + Panda last week. We need to go into LA one last time before you go back to school. September 5th, does that day work for you? Let me know.

Barb - Thanks - you've been on my mind as Florida has been all over the news - for the obvious reason.

Ally - I love it - Intergalactic week of Kara. I might have to "borrow" that term and insist on my husband using it this week.

Thanks all and I think I'm the last person on the planet to see Wicked :-)

Emily said...

You're not the last person to see Wicked - I haven't seen it yet either :)

I want to wish you a happy bithday now because as I am drowing in paperwork and travel details I fear I will never resurface in time to actually get my fingers on a keyboard to send you my wish!

Have an amazing, realxing and incredibly happy birthday Kara!

Io said...

I love it! Intergalactic Week of Kara has begun! I hope it's fantastic.
(Yay for finishing the notebook!)