Friday, November 28, 2008

Better, much better

Lest you think I spent all of yesterday running my extra black eyeliner from crying while dressed in goth garb, painted black nails and cranking the Morrissey- let me assure you that I did none of those. Wow, that last post was uh, ahem -quite sad.

Ahhhh, the roller coaster ride that infertility gives us. The rides seem fewer and fewer - I just need to remember to hold on tight when it gets going. Yesterday, was really nice. A bit gloomy (weather-wise) and that is fine by me, we see very few of those days here on the surface of the sun. The morning was spent visiting with some of D's family - his Aunt and Uncle, which was really relaxing and fun. Next stop was turkey time with my mom, her cousin +spouse from NC, my aunt, my Great Uncle and his wife and D. Again, a really fun and relaxing time. Final stop was seeing my dad, yesterday evening who threatened us with more food. I did pretty good yesterday and never let myself *go overboard* however - we came home with food from each place we visited yesterday.

Today, D and I will put the house we call our home back together. Painting, patching walls, replacing outlets in our living room will be our fun today. The contents of that room are sprinkled throughout the dining room and entry way so it literally looks like we are in the process of moving or an explosion has just occurred.

At some point, probably tomorrow - I will post about the goings-on for the past two weeks.


OK - Ripe wheat (the name of our paint), here I come.....

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Emily (Apron Strings) said...

Ripe wheat? I'm trying to imagine what color that might be. I'm assuming it's not a "goth" red or "vampire" white. Hopefully much warmer than that. :-)

As for your previous post, this is what this blog is for, darlin'. This is where you're allowed to let your guard down and really let us know how you're feeling.

I'm looking forward to your future posts, girl.

And HUGS!!!