Thursday, November 13, 2008


Where did this week go?

It seemed like yesterday (well, Tuesday) I was putting fingers to keyboard... The rest of the week was turbulent, interesting, emotional and exhausting or just a typical day in the life of any of us, no?

My first week back at school was, um, interesting. Let's start with class on Monday night and the teacher I like to call Professor Hottypants. Why, yes, I am - as Van Halen puts it "Hot for Teacher". He's a hunk, seriously - the man needs his own calender. Think of a cross between the hunky Eastern European doctor from ER combined with Andy Garcia. Professor Hottypants spent 4-1/2 hours rambling on about Theories and Interventions involving behavioral disorders and I know I took notes however the ink is blurry from the drool. In all seriousness, the dude is super smart and I am looking forward to his lectures. He did his undergrad at UCLA and his PhD at our very local UC - right here in Riverside. Our assignments seem interesting and thought provoking. We had an in-class assignment where we had to discuss our favorite/most meaningful teacher and assigned us a project where we need to identify a personal behavior we want to change and then analyze the process over the next 9 weeks. You'll never guess who was in the class. BITCHFACE - remember her? She was smart and kept her mouth shut. Let's face it, she was probably enthralled with Professor Hottypants.

Wednesday night D was working on a job out of town so I had the lovely privilege (are you picking up on the heavy sarcasm yet?) of attending the adoption appreciation dinner hosted by our agency. I talked my friend Regina into going with me, she was one of BG's teachers so I felt like she needed to be appreciated also. It was an awkward event, families with their adopted or foster children and me with my good friend Regina. Thankfully, Regina and I have been in some *funny* situations together (for example, let me tell you about the time we worked a fundraiser for Congressman George Brown and I gave a very cold and bitchy shoulder to then Secretary of Housing, Henry Cisneros- uh yeah, I wanted to die). The best way to summarize our friendship is to tell you about the day of my wedding where I realized I forgot to put deodorant on and my photographer Cean decided to get a picture of me holding up both of my arms and Regina applying it - she is that kind of friend. Priceless. She was my rock that evening (and always), making me laugh when I just wanted to sit there and cry. We couldn't leave quick enough, I don't know what I was thinking. Oh and R's crazy foster mom (little girl we got called about right after BG and lg) was there and wouldn't look me in the eyes.

Tonight, was the continuation of Professor Hard-ass that I had last term. She is a bird of a different feather - the classroom dynamics are alot different with less students and she seems to have mellowed out a bit.

Lots of homework ahead of me this weekend, urghhh.


annacyclopedia said...

Mmmmm, nothing like a hot professor. Hottypants sounds pretty dreamy. I was taking a summer class one year and was looking forward to weeks of boredom when in sloped the cutest skinny boy with awesome shoulders, and all of a sudden spending hours a day with a bunch of idiots became a lot more bearable. Hope it's the same for you and distracts you from the presence of Bitchface. (I just went back and read that post and is she ever a bitchface!)

Emily said...

Oooooooh Professor Hottypants! Well that makes things even more interesting. I am imagining a scenario where Bitchface makes a complete ass of herself in front of Prof HP and he compliments you... tee hee hee!

You are so brave for going to the dinner!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend - you def deserve it! xoxo

kate said...

Mmm. I love having hot professors, but at my college, that almost NEVER happens. Actually, it hasn't ever happened at all yet, and won't happen next semester either because my last classes will be taken with my advisor, who is a 50 something year old woman. Oh, well- something to look forward to in grad school, right?

And I remember BitchFace! What a whore! Yeah, she'd best watch her back...

It sounds like it was great to be able to have Regina by your side during that dinner. And weird that R's foster mom wouldn't look at you.

Best of luck with your homework this weekend. I've got a fair amount of work to do myself... sigh.

Io said...

I married my hot professor! OK, he wasn't my professor or even at my school, and bless his heart he's not Andy Garcia mixed with Goran Visnjic, but I love him still!

I hope bitchface stays shut up so you can gaze at hottypants without her interrupting the fantasy.

I have no ideas where this week went, but as it has taken me to the weekend, I can't complain. Sorry about all your homework :(
Now if it could just speed me along to Thanksgiving, that would be awesome.

Emily (Apron Strings) said...

Andy and Goran? Oh yum. How can you even concentrate?! At least you can ignore B*tchface and concentrate on the Prof instead.

Friends like Regina are definitely priceless!!

Bridget McGee said...

Wow so Bitchface pretty much believes that "crack children" don't deserve good parents, nice.

Barb said...

Hottypants.. hehehe