Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I had today off and was ready to experience some peace and quiet when I heard the air compressor in the garage go full boar (I had forgotten that D mentioned he would be working on projects from home today), then our lawn lady showed up ( I know, I know - I said we were cutting back on spending) which led to the non-stop barking of Sydney and Foster. I envisioned me in a bathtub saying - Calgon, take me away.

I was able to get caught up on "stuff" - homework stuff, organizing stuff and random stuff. The highlight of my day was meeting my IRL BFF and her two sweet peas for lunch at the Nordstrom Cafe. Her oldest is just simply adorable and SO patient with her youngest who is at that toddler stage where you just want to nibble his ear because he is that cute. I can see J's beautiful eyes look back at me when I watch her youngest, I watch J's husband's extrovert spirit exude from her oldest son during his interactions. After lunch we ran down to the makeup area to *look around* . I needed some shampoo ( OK, I am just busting myself - left and right here, yep - I am back to expensive shampoo, it's a few bucks cheaper than the super expensive one) and there was no one but the cute, young salesgirl in the accessories department, I took J's oldest with me. I glanced around looking for J and spot her sitting on one of those high chairs, at the mercy of Smashbox saleslady who was in a flurry working those big fluffy brushes against J's face. I lifted her oldest up and said - Look, there's your mom. He looked back at me and said - Yeah, she's getting her face painted. That was just the cutest and funniest thing I think I've ever heard. Thanks J for making today a great day.

I came home to do more homework and while I was assembling chicken enchiladas I decided to make some homemade croutons with the extra sourdough bread we had leftover from last week. OMG, it was so super yummy. I called D to let him know I had a special snack waiting at home and sadly there was nothing when he arrived. The crouton fairy must have magically picked them up. I am sure the crouton elves will be placing the calories on my ass.

Lucky me...


Anonymous said...

Oh I adore you - you crack me up - I need to look out for those crouton fairies but please keep the crouton elves away from my ass!!! xoxo

Jules said...

We had such a great time! Mikey was so sad when we left, and he kept asking when we would see you again. When the Mister came home, he heard allllllll about lunch with Kara!

kate said...

Ooh. A bath sounds lovely right now. I've got a f*ckload of reading to do before my class this evening, and it's cold in the house and I just worked out and so- 20 reasons to prefer a bath to anything else.

And chicken enchiladas sounds awesome. I haven't had those in forever. Must make them tonight.

And yeah, I totally couldn't make it through the week without buying lunch out today because I was anticipating having leftovers, but last night's very delicious chili had an accident involving the cayenne pepper, which rendered it even too spicy for me. I could barely finish a bowl last night, which means that by today, it would have been killer.

But- I was able to justify continuing to buy the Aveda shampoo that I like because I finally calculated it out, and though the big bottle costs $40, it lasted me for nearly 6 months, which is totally reasonable. The drugstore brand runs me $5, and I use a bottle every 2 weeks, so I'm saving $20 by buying the big, sort-of fancy-ish shampoo. And it smells divine, too.

Sigh. I'm feeling really adrift today. I haven't blogged about it yet, but the grad program that I was all excited about turns out to be an exclusively evening program thing, and they "discourage" you from trying to finish any sooner than the planned 4 year timeframe. Which is just too much for me to deal with. Sad. So, it looks like I'm back to square one. Maybe I will go take that Calgon bath and just ignore all the problems for a few minutes...

Ally said...

Eh, screw the crouton fairy. She's a bitch anyway. :)

I'm so glad you enjoyed your lovely day out and about-it sounds like you had quite a good time!

As far as the Calgon bath goes? I'll take one of those, too.

Io said...

Heh. I like Kate's shampoo math.
I need Calgon to take me away too. And some crouton fairies.

Kara said...

Emily- I adore you also, you are too funny.

Jules - hope everyone is feeling better soon.

Kate -Between the rice challenges and the cayenne experience I think we are related. With our frequency and love of being in the kitchen - there are bound to be casualties. I heart Aveda shampoo also, especially the ones for color treated hair. It seems my red stays a bit longer and since red fades the fastest, it is always nice when you can find something to prolong the next color session. I am sorry to hear about the program, that is a serious bummer. I will email you later, about that.

Ally - Thanks for the laugh. Freaking Crouton fairy, you know she is related to AF, right?

Io- I liked Kate's shampoo math also, too funny. Looks like we are all in need of a day at the spa, now how the hell do we pay for it?