Wednesday, January 28, 2009


CBS news reports the US military warns of the rapid and sudden collapse of Mexico? Because our crappy ass economy doesn't have be freaked out enough? Then again... I heard this on the news so there you have it. Say it with me class - Pro-pa-gan-da. Another reason to keep watching the Daily show with Jon Stewart. Does anyone else have a super-size crush on him, just me ?- ok.

Update on Kashi - some guy named Phil called and sadly they did not offer me CEO of Marketing and Tasting. I got over it when he offered me some coupons though I pronounce it koo-po-nays (it's what my good friend Regina's dad used to call them and it just stuck).

I spent the entire day scared to death to open my email account from school fearing that I will receive yet, another email from one of the two teachers I had last term requesting some report, power point, upload to ecompanion or paper they seem to not have. Ironic, let me explain, I have completed and turned in all of my work and received ANOTHER email today requesting some random technology assignment that I have already completed and uploaded (and not received by Professor Hottypants).

And lastly,

Photo from Perez Hilton

This is my current fitness goal. And she is 60 years old, five years away from being Medicare eligible. Sadly, I will never have those legs but I love that she has the balls to do this at her age.


Wishing 4 One said...

No Kashi in Cairo.... I was SO looking forward to you running Kashi after they talked to you- cause I know you'd hook me up with some Kashi-licious here in Cairo!

What a great encounter at work, you know, we just never know who else understands us (or is us) and we wouldn't even know it, too cool. xoxoxoxo

Barb said...

ME!! ME!!! I have a crush on Jon Stewart!! !I LOVE HIM!

Emily (Apron Strings) said...

Jon Stewart is not only HOT, but he's smart AND funny. What more can you want in a man?! :-)

And oh, by the way ... sorry for not calling back this past Monday. Seriously wicked weird and long week. But much better than last ones.

And finally ... I think you must head over to and sign up. There be our other good bloggie friends there, too! :-)

kate said...

Yeah, I have a thing for Jon Stewart, too. It seems humor-news is the only No-Propaganda-Zone on the air these days...

I'm glad Kashi made it right with you. It would have been better if they'd just gone ahead and given you a nice, high-paying Taster position like they should have, but I guess coupons are almost as good.

Man, I HATE disorganized profs. WTF is up with not keeping track of assignments??? I have been trying to get together with my advisor for 3 weeks to determine which class I will add (to bring me up to full time status) and she had a close friend who passed away and so (I suppose reasonably) has been out of commission. But the semester starts monday, and I only have one week to add, and I haven't the foggiest clue what class it will be. It's really irritating. I am trying to be understanding about the friend dying thing ('cos, omg, that is awful), but at the same time, I wouldn't be in this position if she had done her job at the end of last semester. Grr.

Look at those LEGS! My GOD!!!!