Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Smokin Serendipity

Heed my warning.... It tastes (and smells) like an ashtray - totally disgusting. No Joke.
This was a huge bummer as I really love all Kashi products. Have you tasted their cookies - YUMMY. Back to the ashtray rice - It has to be the smokey black bean, perhaps the smokey black bean has taken to the coffin nails. It's rank, it's wrong and I have left a message for the Kashi folks. Naturally, their office closes at 4:00 PM - probably so they can all go to some super yoga class on the beach because they get to wear their yoga clothes to work and do sun salutations during staff meetings and are forced to take mandatory meditation breaks. I' am not bitter or jealous. at.all.
I look forward to a return call tomorrow asking me if they can pay me 100k a year to move to San Diego (where thier corporate offices are) to become a professional food taster/developer/extraordinaire or maybe they will just mail me a refund for the rice. Either way it will be a win/win.
I just wanted a tasty/healthy side dish to go with my greasy, organic ground beef tacos and all I got was the stinky, ashtray rice. YUCK. Fortunately, the Sun Vista pinto beans with jalapenos came through and shined like a big bright star.
On another note - I met with an employee who is planning to retire, yep, big surprise. Rarely do I share personal attributes regarding my life but today was a just a bit different. We spoke about the continuation of her health care benefits and she mentioned she used to work for Kaiser. Well, long story very short - she used to work for our primary doc (whom I love) and knows our RE (no comment) as well and then she shared that she was a fellow infertile. Moments later she was showing me a picture of her adorable 9 year old boy who they adopted when he was 2 months old. I typically end my counsels with a proper and professional handshake and for the first time I leaned into the arms of a stranger as she leaned forward to give me a hug. I will admit I wanted to just stay there and cry. Finally... someone, before my very eyes, who gets me and knows EXACTLY what I am going through and here.In.Real.Life. and reminded me how lucky I am to have the IF blogosphere of support. I love you guys.
I'll never forget her parting words to me. Don't give up and don't lose hope, it WILL happen and stay strong.
Once again I feel hopeful that I will be a parent oneday.eventually.hopefully.Godwilling. please.withcherriesandwhippedcreamandstrawberries.prettyplease.


April said...

:( darnit! i love kashi! hope you hear something back...

Anonymous said...

Awwww your story about the woman and her adoption made me cry at work. Keep those parting words next to your heart - they will keep you strong. xoxo

annacyclopedia said...

That's beautiful when you connect with someone like that - when it's so random, but resonates so deeply. Glad you got that experience.

I have a lot of faith that you will be a parent someday, somehow. And I hope it is very, very soon.

lassie said...

Sometimes I still get support from the most surprising places. I love that.

And the kashi! Ugh. What a disappointment! Maybe it was a bad batch? Hopefully they will at least send you come coupons for product- not fiesta rice product.

Ally said...

It will happen, Kara. I believe it, too, with all my heart. :)

As for the Kashi-gross. Really, really gross. The thought of ashtray food? Makes me vomit in my mouth a little bit.

However, when you get your job with them in San Digeo, I expect you to hire me in, k? :)

melissa said...

Thanks for the warning about the rice, it sounds disgusting!
I am so happy you found such a beautiful connection and encouragement at work today, it sounds like a really special moment.

Barb said...

Sweet sweet story!!

And thanks for the Kashi heads up! I almost tried that! I like the original though. I get the box of them. Seriously.. I kinda think Kashi should stick to plain grains, cereals, crackers, cookies, cereal bars and the like. Seriously, I like them, but when they venture too much into "fancy" foods, I don't like it. Some of the microwave meals are ok, but a bunch of them are eh.

The pizzas.. I loathe. Too sad I know. :( But I love the other stuff! They saved my life with those original 7 grain crackers! Those, apples and no sugar PB were the only things I ate during the worst of the Met hell!

Emily (Apron Strings) said...

Aw sweetie ... I wish I was there to hug you and this retiree as well. It's so inspiring to hear such stories like that. Reading them online is one thing ... actually physically having someone be in front of you and understand you completely is nothing short of extraordinary.

In fact, it reminds me of a certain July day in San Diego when I met a fellow blogger and IF-er. Hmmm ... who could that be?! :-)

Anyhoo ... if Kashi offers you a job in SD, let me know if there are any more positions. I'd move there with you!